Touch Rules

Touch Football Rules

1. Location
All games will be played on the Kelvin Grove School Ovals located on Boundary Road behind P Block

2. Game Commencement
Teams should arrive 10 minutes prior to the commencement of their match to allow for smooth transition of games.

If there are not enough players present on a team by the end of the first half of the game a 3-0 forfeit is recorded, with points awarded to the opposition.

Note that as this competition is social, the game may go ahead after the first half; however the 0-3 loss will stand regardless.

There are 45 minutes allocated for each game with games running for two 20-minute halves so all teams must be ready for their scheduled game. In all circumstances the game must finish at the scheduled time.

3. Players’ Equipment and Attire
QUT SPORT advises that players in a team should all wear the same colour t-shirt or singlet.

It is compulsory for all players to wear appropriate enclosed sports shoes. Moulded-soled shoes or boots with tags will not be permitted under any circumstance. Players are also not permitted to wear work boots or hiking boots.

No player can take the field with bare feet or while wearing jewellery of any kind. All watches, necklaces, dangling earrings, bracelets, rings which are not bands MUST be removed prior to the game. The referee will ask any player breaking this rule to remove the piece of jewellery.
4. Number of Players
Each team shall field no more than 6 players at any one time. Teams that play with less than 2 females will play short. No more than 4 guys on the field at any time. There is no limit for females. You can have up to 6 females and no guys if you want. You are able to play with a minimum of 4 people (1 has to be female). Teams may pick up subs during the regular season to prevent forfeits.

Interchanges can be made at any time of the game as long as they do not exceed the limits.

5. Time
Play will be divided into (2) 20-minute halves separated by a 5-minute break. There will be a running clock maintained by a referee who will advise both teams when there is one minute remaining in each half.

6. The Games/Scoring
Win: 3 points
Draw: 1 points each team
Loss: 0 point
Forfeit: 3 points to winning team, 0 point to team forfeited.

7. Footwear
No studded footwear is permitted. Players must wear appropriate closed-toe footwear. No shin-guards will be allowed.

8. General Rules
You may utilise substitutions throughout the game.

The Touchdown
A touchdown is given when the attacking team crosses the defending team’s end zone without being touched and places the ball on the ground with control. Referees are to instruct teams before the game the markings, of where the touch zones are positioned.

Coin Toss
Before commencement of the match a pre-game coin toss will be organised between the referee and two chosen captains of the team. The referee will toss the coin in which the away team will make the call. The winner of the coin toss will decide to either to attack or defend the first set, as well as choose which direction of play to attack first.

The ball will be placed in the centre of the field, in which the first attacking team will line up on the halfway line. The defending team will start in one line 10m away from the attacking team. Play will start as soon as the attacking taps the ball with their foot. A kick off will commence at the start of each half, as well as a restart to the team that concedes a touchdown.

Upon a change in possession, a player is to perform a Rollball. A roll ball requires the player to place the ball on the ground directly in front of them and step over the ball. The player must not roll the ball backwards with their foot. During the early weeks of completion this may be highly prevalent in which we will ask players to play the ball properly. No exceptions will this be allowed to repeat offenders and during finals.
A change in possession may occur after:
• A set of set of 6 touches
• An accidental touch
• And a drop ball

The Touch
Players of both defending and attacking teams are to use the minimum force necessary to effect touches. After a touch has been effected, the player in possession in required to stop, return to the mark where the touch occurred if the mark has been over-run, and perform a RollBall without delay. A player is not to pass or otherwise deliver the ball after a touch has been effected. If a player passes the ball after being touched, they lose possession. The defending team is allowed 6 RollBalls before they are to hand over the ball to the opposing team.

On the rare occasion a player places the ball on the ground on or over the score line at the same time a touch is effected, the touch counts and a touchdown is not awarded. Should a player in possession effect a touch on an offside defender who is making every effort to retire and remain out of play, the touch is to count. If a player in possession of the ball is touched after crossing the attacking score line and prior to the scoring of a touchdown, the touch counts. Play is restarted with a RollBall. If a player in possession of the ball is touched whilst on or behind their defending scoreline, the touch counts and play is restarted with a RollBall at the 5m line. If the player is not touched and plays the ball, this will count as a drop ball and a change over in possession, restarting the play with a roll ball.

Ball Touched in Flight
If the ball goes to ground following a defender’s touch of the ball to gain possession, the attacking team retains the ball and the touch count restarted. This also applies if the defending player deliberately knocks the ball to the ground. The mark where the RollBall occurs is where the ball first pitches.

If a defending players touches the ball in flight and the ball is retrieved by an attacking player, play continues and the touch count restarts at the next touch.

If an attacking player attempts to gather the ball after a deflection by a defender, in which the ball has not travelled forward from the attacking player, the attacking team retains possession and the touch count restarts.


Defending: The defending team will penalised in an offside position when:
• The defending player has not aligned with the referee and has made a touch on the attacking player.

Attacking: The attacking team will be penalised in an offside position when:
• The attacking player has received a pass in front of a team mate, in which the pass has been perceived as a deliberate forward pass.
• When the attacking player is over the line of the kick off restart or a penalty restart.

Players of the attacking team are not to obstruct defending players from attempting to effect a touch. A player in possession must not run or otherwise move behind the referee or other players in the attacking team in an attempt to avoid a touch.

Touched in postion within the defending tryline

If a player in possession is touched or effects a touch whilst on or behind their defending scoreline the touch counts and play is restarted with a Rollball five metres forward of the scoreline from where the player was touched.

9. Draws
A draw will be awarded in any regular game and both teams will receive 2 points each.

10. Finals
All players must play at least two regular games to be eligible for finals matches. If a team uses a player who is not eligible to play in the finals there will be an automatic forfeit and disqualification will be recorded to the offending team.

All finals matches must have a winning outcome for one team. Draws will result in overtime, in which every 2mins a player from each side will be dropped. The minimum number of players is 3, in which the game will continue on. The team that scores first will win the game.

If however the attacking team scores on the first set, the defending team will be given one chance to score. If they do not score, the team that scored first will be deemed winners. The game will continue until the second attacking phase team, incompletes a set with a try and there is one try difference between the two teams.

11. Injury and Insurance
A player may call for ‘time’ due to an injury or illness, although the decision to stop play shall be at the sole discretion of the Referee. If a player is injured, it is their or their team mate’s responsibility to immediately inform the referee. The referee may stop the game at any time.

For a minor injury, the referee should send the injured player or a bystander to the Convenor for first aid treatment and to collect an Injury Report Form (this must be completed by the injured or another responsible person before they leave the venue for further treatment).

If a player has a minor injury (or blood on their clothing or their person), they have a maximum of 2 minutes to be treated (or remove all signs of blood) on court, or they will have to be substituted with another player.

After 2 minutes have elapsed, the referee should immediately restart the game. Time for injury will not be added on to the final half during grading or round games. The referee can stop a game for any period of time to deal with an emergency.

For a medical emergency, the referee is to remain with the injured player and send somebody else to inform the Convenor of the emergency.
Time for medical emergencies will not be added on to the final half during grading or round
games. See section 13 for information regarding the protocol for games that cannot continue due to injury.

During time for injury, all players must remain on the court unless involved in a substitution. In the event that a player is bleeding, they must leave the court immediately (for health and safety reasons) and not return until the wound has been cleaned and all blood and blood stained items have been removed and covered. If necessary, the ball and court surface shall be cleaned before play resumes.

During finals matches the above injury rules apply with injury time added to the final half (ie. In quarters three and four). This includes any time taken for an emergency. However the injury time able to be accumulated is to be a maximum of 10 minutes.

Many injuries that occur during officially sanctioned and managed QUT SPORT activities are covered by our insurance policy. For further information regarding insurance please email or call 07 3138 5536 or in the case of a very urgent matter call either 0428 798 022 or 0405 649 545. For emergencies please contact the emergency hotline on 3138 8888.

12. Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures
Should any player, team or official conduct themselves in a manner that is deemed inappropriate, discriminatory, disrespectful or dangerous, then action will be taken by QUT Sport Officials and Management.

If you feel that a player, team or official has conducted themselves in such a manner, you may lodge a formal Grievance Form in order to report the incident.

Disciplinary Procedures are in place to ensure that action is taken against any player, team or official who has acted in an inappropriate manner. Any action(s) taken will be at the sole discretion of QUT Sport Officials and Management.