Netball Rules

Netball Rules

1. Location
All games will be played at Downey Park Netball Courts, along Northey Street, Windsor.

2. Game Commencement
Teams should arrive 10 minutes prior to the commencement of their match to allow for smooth transition of games.

A minimum of 5 players are required per team to begin the game. If there are not enough players present on a team by the end of the first quarter of the game a 3-0 forfeit is recorded, with points awarded to the opposition. The for and against will be recorded as 10-0.

Note that as this competition is social, the game may go ahead after the first half; however, the 0-3 loss will stand regardless.

There are 50 minutes allocated for each game with games running for 4 x 10 minute quarters so all teams must be ready for their scheduled game. Games will be starting on the hour, with or without teams prepared and on the court. In all circumstances the game must finish at the scheduled time.

3. Players’ Equipment and Attire
QUT SPORT advises that players in a team should all wear the same coloured bibs – teams will be provided with bibs at the beginning of the season and be required to look after them until the 10-week season has finished. Teams will then return the bibs to QUT Sport.

It is compulsory for all players to wear appropriate enclosed sports shoes. Moulded-soled shoes or boots with tags will not be permitted under any circumstance. Players are also not permitted to wear work boots or hiking boots.

No player can take the field with bare feet or while wearing jewellery of any kind. All watches, necklaces, dangling earrings, bracelets, rings etc. MUST be removed prior to the game. The referee will ask any player breaking this rule to remove the piece of jewellery. Fingernails must not be able to be seen above the fingers and will be checked by umpires before the game. An umpire may ask a player to cut their fingernails before they can take the court. Piercings may be covered with tape and gloves may be worn to cover fingernails.

4. Number of Players
Each team will have no more than 7 players on the court at any one time. Teams that play with less than 4 females will play short. A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 males are allowed on the court at any one time. You are able to play with a minimum of 5 people (2 males and 3 females). Teams may play with substitute players not registered in the competition during the season to prevent forfeits, however unregistered players will not be insured.

5. Time
Play will be divided into (4) 10-minute quarters separated by two 2-minute breaks and one 3-minute break. There will be a running clock maintained by the convenor. The clock will not stop during injury time-outs.

6. The Games/Scoring
Win: 3 points
Draw: 1 point each team
Loss: 0 point
Forfeit: 3 points to winning team, -1 point to team forfeited.

7. Footwear
No studded footwear is permitted. Players must wear appropriate closed-toe footwear. Ankle braces are permitted

8. General Rules
Start of Play
The game commences and is restarted after each goal is scored and at the beginning of each quarter by a centre pass taken alternatively by the two centres, irrespective of who scored the goal.

The Centre shall stand, step or jump into the centre circle such that one foot is wholly within the circle. When the umpire blows the whistle, the centre player in possession of the ball must pass it within three seconds, obeying the footwork rule. All players are responsible for being in the correct position before the whistle for play.

Playing and Goal Areas
Over a Third
The ball cannot be thrown over a complete third (over 2 transverse lines) without being touched by a player in that third. If this happens, a free pass is taken where the ball crossed the second transverse line. The free pass is taken from the third where the ball has crossed 2 transverse lines.

Players must stay within their designated playing areas. A player may reach over and take the ball from an offside area provided that no part of their body touches the ground in that area. When two opposing players go offside but neither touches the ball, they are not penalised, the umpire may call advantage to signal to players they have the infringement but not penalised.

Out of Court
When the ball goes out of court, it shall be put into play by a member of the opposing team where the ball crossed the line or where the umpire indicates the “Throw In” is to be taken. The player taking the throw in must approach and stand behind the line where indicated by the umpire and make sure all players are on court. The player taking the throw in shall re-enter the court immediately after taking a throw in and on court players must allow re-entry to the player taking the throw in. If a player has no contact with the ball, they may stand or move out of the court, but must make contact with the playing area and have no other contact with anything outside the court before attempting to touch the ball again.

Goals can only be scored within the goal circle. A goal is scored when a Goal Shooter or Goal Attack throw the ball completely through the goal ring, and have no contact with the ground outside the goal circle. The umpire will raise their hand when a goal is scored. Any attempt to score a goal taken by a GS or GA may still be awarded a goal if the ball is touched or tipped by a defending player and the ball continues and passes through the ring. Note that if the umpire’s whistle to end the quarter is blown before the ball has passed wholly through the ring, the goal is not scored.

Minor infringement – free pass
Major infringement – penalty pass

You can find a more in-depth outline of netball rules such as footwork, infringements, contact and obstruction on the Australian Netball Association Rules PDF:

9. Draws
A draw will be awarded in any regular game and both teams will receive 1 point each.

10. Finals
All players must play at least two regular games to be eligible for finals matches. If a team uses a player who is not eligible to play in the finals, there will be an automatic forfeit and disqualification will be recorded to the offending team.

All finals matches must have a winning outcome for one team. Draws will result in the team with more overall points for the season winning the match.

11. Injury and Insurance
A player may call for a substitute due to an injury or illness, although the decision to stop play shall be at the sole discretion of the umpire. If a player is injured, it is their or their team mate’s responsibility to immediately inform the umpire. The umpire may stop the game at any time.

For a minor injury, the referee should send the injured player or a bystander to the Convenor for first aid treatment and to collect an Injury Report Form (this must be completed by the injured or another responsible person before they leave the venue for further treatment).

If a player has a minor injury (or blood on their clothing or their person), they have a maximum of 2 minutes to be treated (or remove all signs of blood) on court, or they will have to be substituted with another player.

After 2 minutes have elapsed, the umpire should immediately restart the game. Time for injury will not be added on to the game during grading or round games. The umpire can stop a game for any period of time to deal with an emergency.

For a medical emergency, the umpire is to remain with the injured player and send somebody else to inform the Convenor of the emergency. Time for medical emergencies will not be added on to the game during grading or round games. See section 13 for information regarding the protocol for games that cannot continue due to injury.

During time for injury, all players must remain on the court unless involved in a substitution. In the event that a player is bleeding, they must leave the court immediately (for health and safety reasons) and not return until the wound has been cleaned and all blood and blood stained items have been removed and covered. If necessary, the ball and court surface shall be cleaned before play resumes.

Many injuries to registered players that occur during officially sanctioned and managed QUT SPORT activities are covered by our insurance policy. For further information regarding insurance please email or call 07 3138 5536 or in the case of a very urgent matter call either 0428 798 022 or 0405 649 545. For emergencies please contact the emergency hotline on 3138 8888.

12. Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures
Should any player, team or official conduct themselves in a manner that is deemed inappropriate, discriminatory, disrespectful or dangerous, then action will be taken by QUT Sport Officials and Management.

If you feel that a player, team or official has conducted themselves in such a manner, you may lodge a formal Grievance Form in order to report the incident.

Disciplinary Procedures are in place to ensure that action is taken against any player, team or official who has acted in an inappropriate manner. Any action(s) taken will be at the sole discretion of QUT Sport Officials and Management.