Guild Games Terms & Conditions

Guild Games Terms and Conditions

Participants in Guild Games are responsible for reading and understanding the terms and conditions contained herein.


Once you have successfully registered in your desired competition, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to your Team Captain. It is the Team Captain’s responsibility to check that the enrolment listed is correct.

All correspondence regarding the competitions will be sent to the nominated Team Captain prior to the competition, primarily through email as well as through the QUT Guild Sport Facebook page. This can include updates, news and fixtures information. The Team Captain is responsible for all communications to their team members for the duration of the season.

All fixtures will be generated once registrations have closed and Team Captain’s will be notified via email as soon as possible and no less than 48 hours prior to the competition start. Should a change to the draw occur within 48 hours of the competition, the Team Captain will be notified via email. We are unable to accept requested changes to the draw. Draws will be posted on the QUT Guild Sport website.
Player Eligibility
All participating players must be fully registered with QUT Guild Sport by registering into their chosen competition and team on the website. All Team Captains are responsible for ensuring that every team member is officially registered within their team prior to taking part in any competition. Teams that play matches with players not registered against their online team roster will forfeit their game score.

All finals will be conducted on the respective date of competition and will be posted at the venue for teams to check. Announcements will be made over loudspeaker where possible.

It is compulsory for all players to wear appropriate enclosed sports shoes. Prior to the commencement of the game, the referee shall inspect players’ footwear to ensure that they are appropriate. If they are deemed not to be appropriate, the player will not be able to take the field.

No player can take the court while wearing jewellery of any kind. This must be removed prior to the game. The referee will ask any player breaking this rule to remove the piece of jewellery before participating in the game.

Teams are required to determine their own uniform, however the uniform determined must be consistent throughout team members. All team players must be wearing the same coloured shirt.

If teams would like to purchase custom shirts, QUT Guild Social Sport has a partnership with The Print Bar. Contact us for more information if you would like to place an order through us.

If a team cannot field enough players for the day-long competition, a minimum of 48 hours should be given by emailing and no refunds will be given.

A player may call for ‘time’ due to an injury or illness, although the decision to stop play shall be at the sole discretion of the Referee. If a player is injured, it is their or their team mates’ responsibility to immediately inform the Referee.

For a minor injury, the referee should send the injured player or a bystander to the Sport Convenor for First Aid treatment and to collect an Injury Report Form. The injury report form must be completed by the injured or another responsible person before they leave the venue for further treatment. Insurance claims cannot be submitted without a completed Injury Report Form.

The Referee can stop a game for any period of time to deal with an injury, time for medical emergencies will not be added on to the final half during round games. Should a medical emergency result in less than half the game being played, then teams will receive 2 points each.

For a medical emergency, the referee is to remain with the injured player and send somebody else to inform the Competition Convenor of the emergency.

During time for injury, all players must remain on the field unless involved in a substitution. In the event that a player is bleeding, they must leave the field immediately and not return until the wound has been cleaned and all blood and blood stained items have been removed and covered.

All participants in any QUT Guild Sport competition play at their own risk.

For minor injuries, players will be attended to by the First Aid Officer at the time they occur. An injury report form must be completed by the injured player and the First Aid Officer or Convenor.

For major injuries, players will be attended to by the First Aid Officer at the time they occur. An injury report form must be completed by the injured player and the First Aid Officer or Convenor. Players are able to submit an insurance claim through the QUT Guild, however for the claim to be processed, the injured player must utilise the public health system.

It is illegal for an insurance companies to pay the out of pocket expenses on Medicare covered items due to the tax implications. Therefore, the QUT Guild is unable to pay the difference between what Medicare covers and your out of pocket expenses. Our insurance can however pay non-Medicare expenses.

If you have any questions or concerns about QUT Guild Insurance for this sport competition please contact

Safety Recommendations
All participants in any Social Sport competition play at their own risk. QUT Guild Social Sport recommends the use of approved injury reduction items by players during matches.

Arm Castes
Individuals are unable to participate in matches if they have a hard medical caste on any part of their body. If a player is unsure whether they will be allowed to take the field/court then contact the Social Sport Coordinator at least one business day prior to the scheduled match. The Sport Convenor’s decision on game day is final if no confirmation has been sort by the Social Sport Coordinator.

QUT Guild Social Sport highly recommends any individuals with vision impairments refrain from wearing standard seeing glasses when participating in any sport competition. Contact lens or prescription sport glasses should be worn as an alternative to prevent injury if a player is struck in the face with a ball.

Once a team is registered, no refunds will be granted.

Wet Weather
In the case of games being rained out, a message will be placed on the QUT Guild Sport Facebook Page and emailed to all teams within an hour of the competition start time. It is the responsibility of the team captain to find out if games have been cancelled.

QUT Guild Social Sport will aim to reschedule any rained out matches, although we operate under strict time limitations. If the competition cannot be rescheduled, teams will be offered a refund.

Conduct of players and teams
This competition is social and is conducted in a positive environment. All players and spectators must conduct themselves in a respectful, safe and appropriate manner.

QUT Guild Social Sport does not tolerate rough play, abusive or derogatory language, back chat, any negative behaviour or challenge to the referee’s authority (or similar). Team captains must take responsibility for their teams and ensure all matches are contested in the spirit of the game. Players participating as individuals on an assigned team will treat their new team members fairly and with respect whilst partaking in any Social Sport Competition.

No player or spectator can be under the influence of alcohol or drugs whilst at the sporting venues. Such behaviour will result in immediate removal of offenders from the premises.

The Referee is entitled to send off any player at any stage for any reason for any period of time if they feel it necessary to do so for player safety or their ability to effectively control the game. The decision regarding whether this player can be replaced during this time is at the discretion of the Referee.

Dependant on the severity of the disciplinary breach, players may be penalised, sent off for a period of time (without being replaced), or sent off for the remainder of the match. A player sent off for the match can take no further part in that game or the next game. No substitute player is allowed to replace a player who is sent off in the game in which the dismissal occurred.

QUT Guild Social Sport Convenors are entitled to remove repeat offenders from the Competition at their discretion.

Complaints and Concerns
If you have a serious complaint or concern regarding another player, team or referee’s conduct, we encourage you to email us with details of your concern. The complaint or concern must describe the incident that occurred in a factual manner and will be reviewed by the QUT Guild.

Media and Publications 

Guild Games sport participants consent to the use of their name, image, photographs, video and comments in any publications and marketing in relation to Sport by QUT Guild.

Privacy Statement 
QUT Guild Social Sport collects, stores, and uses personal information only for the purposes of administering QUT Guild Social Sport programs and services. The information collected will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent, except to meet government, legal or other regulatory authority requirements.


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